Our Story

DRAW ME MARKETING founder Caroline Chau brought together her love for Marketing, her concern for both people and the planet, and her passion for Sustainability into an agency which offers strategic marketing recommendations and plans with the triple bottom line approach in mind.

Upon her arrival in Cambodia in 2019 and with the desire to develop her business, Caroline was looking for partners to help with visual art and design for Draw Me Marketing. She was introduced to Vila Hiek by a mutual acquaintance who is a professional in the hotel industry during the same year. Following multiple exchanges, the first collaboration between Caroline and Vila started with the visual identity of Draw Me Marketing, and Vila was particularly in charge of the creation of all the graphic design and visuals for the Draw Me Marketing website, while Caroline was in charge of the structure and the webcontent. 

The collaboration shows that their areas of expertise and their skills are complementary, Caroline on the international strategic and content part while Vila’s focus is on the visual and design. They have, then, decided together to become associate partners at Draw Me Marketing.

The agency has built its mission on sustainable business innovation and creativity, and on valuing relationships with vendors and clients every step of the way.

During the last few years, we have all being forced to take a long hard look at ourselves, our businesses, and our planet. At Draw Me Marketing we have used this period of reflection to consolidate our team and to refine our ideas on all subject of sustainable marketing. Today, we consist of international experts that care about what we do, and how we do it too, ethically.

Draw Me Marketing is now an innovative and global, full-service market consulting agency dedicated to researching business-to-business markets. We enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals by making decisions which are driven by creative insights and intelligence, all the while within an overall context of making sustainability the priority.

Our storytelling is driven by our curiosity, creativity and commitment.


Our Vision

Make a better world through integrating sustainability marketing into the  decision-making process. It becomes an essential development asset for purpose-driven businesses, solo entrepreneurs and social business organisations.

Our Mission

  • Understand our client business goals, the competitive environment and the business challenges
  • Helping to create new opportunities for Marketing tactics, improving client experience, overall satisfaction and performance results
  • Translate your goals and objectives into actionable short-term and long-term marketing plans
  • Facilitate the execution of the Marketing plan
  • Innovate and formulate new methodologies and ideas

= Creating Value for Clients, Making them HAPPY



Sustainable marketing is a management concept that guarantees respect for social and environmental requirements, and helps towards building long term relationship with clients.

The objective is to reduce the environmental impact of marketing, in its planning and implementation, while integrating social responsibility into its operating system by making strategic and judicious choices that allow it to adapt to changes in the economy.

Draw Me Marketing provides sustainable services that aspires to radically change the company and the company, in line the evolution of consciousness and moving towards a more flexible, sustainable, and ethical society.

Our Programmes Support

Sustainable Development
4 Quality Education
8 partnerships for the goals
17 partnerships for the goals

Our core values

These are the values that help to guide us


for People and for our Clients


Different nationalities, personalities, skillsets complementing each other


Creating new ways of doing and thinking


for every individual


Put everything into all we do, and deliver the best we can

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Our partners

We make sure that the people and organisation we collaborate are investing energy into as passionate about creating change as we were.